PBX Upgrade - 77.techpath.com.au from 28-01-22 10:00 PM AEST to 28-01-22 10:30 PM AEST

Scheduled maintenance TechPath Phone Services Hosted PBX
28-01-22 10:00 PM AEST · 30 minutes



TechPath engineers have identified a bug which causes the pbx web interface to freeze in certain scenarios. The software vendor has supplied a patch to resolve the issue which will be applied during the maintenance window.

During the maintenance window the patch will be applied and the PBX rebooted at which time you phones will disconnect and reconnect. The phones may take up to 10 minutes to reconnect however web and softphone users will be able to reconnect after 1 minute.

If you experience any issues after the maintenance window please contact TechPath on 1300 033 300

January 28, 2022 · 02:30 PM AEST

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